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               Title:-                        Construction Management Of Bungalow


               Group:-                     B

              Group Members:-   Ajay Pandey

                                                Vikas Gawali   

                Date:-                       08/04/2015

  • Introduction :

Construction management is the overall planning, co-ordination and control project from beginning to completion. Construction management is aimed at meeting a client’s requirement in order to build functionally and financially. This may include different types of equipment, Materials, subcontractor and possible location. In developing a construction plan, it is common to adopt a primary emphasis on either cost control or on schedule control. Building construction includes construction of office and commercial buildings, airport terminal buildings and public buildings such as schools and hospitals. Heavy engineering construction includes factory and plant buildings, bridges and tunnels, whilst industrial construction includes oil refinery, piping, cables and electricity.


  1. Specifying project objective and plans, budgeting, scheduling, requirement.
  2. Implementing various operations through proper coordination and control planning.
  • Overview :

Other than giving significantly positive ideas to the policy makers in imposing rules and regulations that need to be practiced by homebuilders, the findings of the study should help to improve the quality of project management in bungalow house construction. These are the rules and regulations that have to be practiced by homebuilders. By imposing new policies that need to be practiced by homebuilders in bungalow house construction, problems and issues which arise in the residential construction as a whole could be solved. This research empirically lends significant general knowledge of proper project management in residential constructions project to homebuilders. The homebuilders will realize that applying and implementing modern methods and techniques of construction in bungalow house projects such as project planning, project scheduling and project control acts as a guidance to improve work performance and increase productivity. For other researchers, the findings of this study could provide for them a source of reference.

Those who play important roles in the construction industry can be divided into three levels of professional types. The first level consists of quantity surveyors, architects, engineers, land surveyors, and project consultants and government authorities. The second level is made up of project managers, site supervisors, material suppliers and machines operators. And finally construction workers, plumbers, electricians, welders, plasterers, carpenters and steel workers constitute the third level. On the other hand defined that the construction industry is divided into four categories; residential construction, building construction, heavy engineering construction and industrial construction. Residential construction is further explained as single family homes, multi unit town houses, garden apartments, high-rise apartments and condominiums.

So once your building designs are done, its time for construction management of the project. Listed here are some points that a construction management firm will manage:

  • Construction Schedule:Projects run on one important thing – Running on schedule. This needs to be adroitlymanaged or one might face the risk of running out of time and out of resources. So coordinating factors like labor, construction machinery, equipment, construction materials and managing execution as per schedule is a big challenge.

Choosing Building Contractors: Once building designs are done, task of building contractor is to make a high quality structure. But that is not all, the building contractor should ensure longevity of building structure, completion within budgets, coordinate multiple sub-contractors and hand-over the complete project on time. So before finalizing a contractor, here are some points to consider,

  1. Take multiple estimations
  2. Check foroutstanding complaints if any
  3. Check the contractors legal status, license, etc.
  4. Check insuranceoverages for worker injuries that might happen on your site
  5. Check past performances and ask for couple of references
  • Coordinating Between Contractors: Proper building construction scheduling saves a lot of time and money. It prevents uncalled delays, keeps contractors and workers in sync with the plans and makes the overall project more productive. A construction management company can do this on your behalf for best results.



  • Primary methodology :

We have conducted Primary survey on www.surveymonkey.com  in that we asked some questions to the sample size of 10 People.

Questionnaires for Primary survey we have prepared with the help of secondary survey & basic questionnaire (mentioned in questionnaire part) which we discussed with our team while understanding the different points required in construction management of Bungalow.

  • Primary analysis :

As per our primary survey we have got 80% responses are from male and 20% are from female. Out of which Maximum responses are from the contractors that is 50% & 37.50% responses are from employee and employer and 12.50% are from others. For required information about construction of bungalow we have got these information:

For Construction Budget is the most important factor which should be followed strictly .In our survey 75% have their Budget for construction and 25%does not have budget for construction.

For construction, construction plan plays important role .In our survey 87.50%needs construction plan and 13.30% they apply their own construction plan. But in our survey 100% needs Architecture Certified plans.

For construction, time period is important. In our survey 50% prefer 1 year for completion of construction and 50% prefer 1.5 year for completion of construction.

For construction, Labour is also important. In our survey 75% prefer skilled labors and 25% semi- skilled labours.

Raw material plays important role in construction. In our survey 62.50% prefer high grade materials, 25% prefer medium grade raw materials and 12.50% prefer low grade material. On other hand, in our survey 62.50% prefer not to collect all raw materials at one time and 37.50% prefer to collect all material at one time.

  • Conclusion:

In the end we came across with the following information:-

  1. For construction Budget is the most important factor in which whole plan depends.
  2. Mostly, people prefer Architecture plan for construction and some of them apply their own construction plan.
  3. Third most important point for construction is time duration, for construction 1 year is enough.
  4. Raw material have their own importance in construction field. For which people prefer high grade materials and they do not want to collect all raw materials at one time.

We conclude that the above information is important for construction of Bungalow. These information play important role in construction.

  • Bibliography :


Snopek, L.(2012).The complete guide to portfolio construction and management. John willey sons.ltd., Chichester, West Sussex UK.


  • Questioner:

1) What is your occupation?

  1. a) Employee
  2. b) Contractor
  3. c) Other

2) Do you have budget for construction of bungalow?

  1. a) Yes
  2. b) No

3) Do you need plans?

  1. a) Yes
  2. b) No

4) Do you prefer your own construction plan?


  1. b) No

5) Do you prefer architecture construction plan?


  1. b) No

6) Which time duration you prefer for completion of construction?

  1. a) 1 year
  2. b) 1.5 Years
  3. c) 2 Years

7) What type of labour you prefer?

  1. a) Skilled
  2. b) Semi skilled

8) Do you need to set up an account at the building supply raw materials?


  1. b) No

9) What is your preference for construction material?

  1. a) High grade
  2. b) Medium grade
  3. c) Low grade

10) Do you want to collect all construction material at one time?


  1. b) No



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