I joined with Brazilian students

I have gone the class in Balfe street building A1.3. There are some Brazilian students sat in my class, I have seen Brazilian students really I surprised. I entered in the class and my teacher told me you sit with Brazilian students. After some time, we have introduced to each other and say what are you doing after September month. We have 12 students in one class, but same students in another classroom number A1.2. In my class, we have 5 Indians student one student from Kuwait and 6 students from Brazil. That day Gavin tell us about IELTS exam. He has explained all rules and regulation of the IELTS exam. He has taught us grammar and little vocabulary. He has given simple past tense in class and given some exercises in homework.
We have a one-hour break for lunch, then we attended the next lecture with Marek in Castle room number 3.1. This lecture is related to the project, all students make 2 to 3 student groups. I do not join in this project because I have done another blog project. This project is very helpful for me because I have covered my writing practices in my blog project. Another all students chose one subject and written the one-page proposal.
We have one lecture with Desmond, he has given a reading and listening test. He has given some reading tax and say to us for reading one by one.


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