Greenhouse Effects On Earth Temperatur

Since last 10-15 years, there has been growing concern, changes in the climate and the possibility that these changes are correlated to human activity.  “Greenhouse gas effect means the  warming of the lower atmosphere of the earth that occurs when radiation from the sun is absorbed by the earth and then given off again and absorbed by carbon dioxide and water vapor in the atmosphere. “  Heating of the atmosphere resulting from the absorption by the earth`s  surface, that is why damage the earth’s climate. The effects have been increasing, and several harmful  effects on earth, because of the regular temperature increase of the earth. The gas molecules that absorb thermal infrared radiation and in the large quantity of the climate change.  The human  activities, such as the create a fossil fuel gas, by burning the coal, oil, natural gas, etc., and cutting the trees for the urban area development. In the atmosphere, a higher concentration of  greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide, methane,  nitrous oxide, etc is increasing.

The coming round of the industrial revolution and after  industrial growth, and simultaneously human pollution are also increasing. The resulting increase in greenhouse gas destroying to the atmosphere. In the atmosphere, Carbone dioxide level has increased by more than past some years, since the beginning of the industrial uprising. There are many causes of the greenhouse effect. People want new technology for easy human life, but they create pollution on the earth’s surface. They are making new industrial sector like mechanical, civil, IT, electronic, etc., but for this industrial sector wants the big amount of empty land. They have no empty land, but they do not stop industrialization, they are destroying forest areas. They cut the trees and make deforestation or empty land for own use. They are building the industrial zone and new city in the hill station and plain land. The deforestation creates trouble to earth cycle. A rise of carbon dioxide level, warming the earth and missing the monsoon season. The people using a chemical substance for own use like chloroform carbons acid, sodium carbonate etc., but this chemical are very destructive to the earth’s climate. All chemical companies emitting harmful gasses in the atmosphere. People are using a car, bike these all vehicle produce hazardous carbon dioxide gas and methane gas. Main reasons of the greenhouse effect are increasing the bulk amounts of carbon dioxide gas and mix in the atmosphere.

If  increasing the greenhouse gas effects as the same rates, one  day our planet is destroyed. Its effect is unhelpful to all animals and plants to survive on earth. People suffering a number of diseases like a skin diseases, headache, blindness, breathing problem,  etc.  I want to give you the current example, this year in the summer, our earth temperature is high as compared to past some  years. Our science department is saying  to us this year our earth temperature is growing  up to approximate 5*C.  That is why our ocean level is slightly increased. In this summer in India some places are very high temperature, so around 2,150 people are dying. Ozone layer depletion is of concern because it permits a greater degree  of ultraviolet- B radiation to reach the earth. Ozone depletion effects disturbing food chain and agriculture. Scientist report says, in next some years earth temperature increasing to around 4 *C to 5 *C. The main consequences of global warming a melting of the  ice caps, and sea level rise. The main loss of costal area, the flood level is increased in the coastal areas. Then in the coastal area very difficult to cultivate food, destroy or severely damage wildlife.

If we do  lots of Plantation this is the best way to decline the pollution. If Anyone cuts one tree, then they are plants the two trees in different places. Every tree soaks up many tons of carbons  from atmosphere while it grows. Large scale planting could  save our life for decades. Tree Make a healthy  and comfortable life, It keeps the environment clean and also free from of all kinds of pollution. The government has needed to create new rules and regulation for people and industrial sector. If we decided to reduce the greenhouse effect, it is possible. We motivate people for plantation or Advice to people do not cut the trees. The government has to make new rules if we want to cut the trees, then essential to take a permit from the government. If you want to establish the industrial zone, then the government  provides empty land, our outside of the city. The chemical company must build the high height chimney to draw out fuel gas and smoke. It keeps control of air pollution. We use a good condition vehicle, we do time to time vehicle servicing. Try to use of cycle for traveling, it is totally pollution free  and not expensive. Try to use Eco-friendly instruments/objects.

In my conclusion greenhouse gasses destroying the earth, so we have control the earth`s pollution. We all do plantation on the empty land, use of renewable energy like solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy, etc. this all energy does  not produce a pollution. Control or minimizes the industrial pollution like air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, etc. If we do all things then grow up the ozone layer. Learn to use  that things which do not use hazardous chemicals. We have used only the required amount of fertilizer and  minimize pesticide uses.  Promote and make use of solar energy, it does not pollute  the environment and  it is  free of cost. Teach people to spread awareness about going green.  Being green is about promising yourself that you will not harm your environment. Also Promise yourself, you make the environment healthier and non-polluting.


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