The Impact of Social Media on Society

The Impact of Social Media on Society


Social media sites have taken over our lives. If we look that 10 years ago had no Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Skype as much popular. Before 10 years ago people were waiting to hear from other people because there was no social media. Social media has absolutely made us close to each other as well to other part of the world. Social media has greatly impacted our culture, business, health, politics, socialization as well as negative impacts on cyber oppression and privacy.

Positive impacts

Firstly, we talk about communication, we can contact any person at anytime and anywhere around the word, just within seconds. These networks not only allow communication between friends, but allow you to meet new people. We can also share some photos and videos, from what we enjoy in our life. We can do communication between people and business. They are dealing between the two customers, they tell brands accurately what they want. Then business use this all information to production department, how to produce product. The companies are using social media to marketing their products and collect customer. They take feedback and communicate on social media for ways to improve the business and understand the market polices. Many companies arrange function and give awards to good customer, they are often visiting their social website page. Social media business marketing is very cheap as compare to television and other media. Now a days every politician use social media for reaching out to people at election time and give information about our party.

Negative impacts

For every positive things have some negative impacts. Many people have lots of friends on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp but they never communicate face to face. If we see in public place every one use mobile and tablets.  If you are not attention person, someone spread private pictures and videos, and damaging human character. So many small children use social networking, it has become easier to target one another write hate speech on Facebook. Manly young girls and women can fall to bullying, but we can do legal action against the attacker. May companies have blocked social networks on their office because of many people are addicted to internet and they can do work proper way. Survey says number of companies lost billions of dollars every year because of only social media addiction employees. May people creates social violence between two religions through social media. While people spend all time on the internet, and they are sending online massages, talk on the mobile as well as video calling. This all impacts on face to face communication, people less time meeting face to face they are not physical presence.


Social Media has deeply affected our daily lives. It is impossible to imagine our lives without technology. We are so addicted with our gadgets that we often forget the importance of real life relationships. Social Media has helped the society grow and make the world very small.



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