IELTS writing preparation

Yesterday afternoon had Desmond lecture, but I think Desmond is not presented or busy. So Leo D’Arcy took our lecture about IELTS exam preparation. He gave us some words list, and in this list had some formal and informal words. He gave some instruction about IELTS writing task 1st and 2nd. You never use informal words like

Formal Informal
Appeared Seem
Ascend Climb
Cease Stop
Commence Start
Consume Use
Decrease Go down
Depart Go
Finish End
Repair Mend
Opportunity Chance
Resident House
Vision Sight
Enquire To ask

In first task all information given in past decades or past years. So we write all information in simple past. In first task some category like the bar graph, pie chart, line graph and sometimes they give you information in table format. In the above graph, this all information like any country consume how much oil, coal, nature resources etc. on the other hand this all information is in past decades or past years.

He gave another some words never use in writing task like we, me, I, their, people, they etc.

In my country, there are very rich people and very poor people. People in the government are corrupt because they take bribes. We cannot live a good life and feel free all the time. I love my country because it is mine and many people fell the same way. We just wish our government would make more job and people could be more equal in their lives.

I wrote correct format

In Ireland, there are the very rich and very poor. The government is corrupt due to bribery. Living a good life and having freedom is impossible. There is a general sense of pride and belonging. His hoped the government will create more employment and will be greater equality


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