Corruption report criticises Ireland’s lack of anti-bribery prosecutions.

Ireland has done little or nothing to stop business figures bribing officials, a damning international report has found.
Despite signing up to a global pledge 12 years ago to stamp out the corruption scourge, there hasn’t been a single prosecution.

The analysis by Transparency International reveals Ireland languishes among the bottom of an international league of countries for enforcing the anti-bribery convention.
John McDevitt, chief executive of the ethics watchdog in Ireland, said there is no sign of the accord being implemented this side of a general election.
“Precious few resources are invested in tackling corruption or white collar crime in Ireland and it appears that helping fighting international bribery is not a government priority either,” he said.

“There have been very few attempts to raise awareness among Irish companies of corruption risks when doing business abroad.
“It’s particularly disappointing to see that promised changes to Irish corruption legislation have yet to be introduced.
“With a general election pending, we’re unlikely to see it any time soon.”
In 2003, the government pledged to tackle bribery by Irish nationals and companies overseas to win contracts, licences and dodge taxes, as part of the OECD anti-bribery convention.

Out of 41 countries signed up to the accord, the latest study shows just four are actively investigating and prosecuting companies: the US; the UK; Germany; and Switzerland.
Another six are found to be moderately enforcing the law while nine countries are deemed to be acting in a limited manner.
Ireland is lumped in among 20 bottom-ranking countries – alongside the likes of Russia, Mexico and Columbia – for not having brought any criminal charges against major cross-border corruption over the past four years.
“Our government pledged to tackle bribery by Irish nationals and companies overseas when it ratified the OECD anti-bribery convention in 2003,” said Mr McDevitt.
“That was 12 years ago.
“Since then there has not been a single prosecution and there are no signs that the law will be enforced.”


Ready Mix Concrete


Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC) is a ready-to-use concrete, with predetermined mixture of cement, aggregates, additives and water. It is manufactured in a centrally located factory (Batching plant) according to a set recipe or as per specifications of the client. It is then delivered to the client’s worksite, often in special trucks (Transit mixer) capable of mixing the ingredients of the concrete en route. This results in a precise mixture, allowing specialty concrete mixtures to be developed and implemented on construction sites.

RMC is preferred to on-site concrete mixing because of the precision of the mixture and reduced worksite confusion. It facilitates speedy construction through programmed delivery at site and mechanized operation with consequent economy. It also decreases labour, site supervising cost and project time, thereby resulting in savings, proper control and economy in the use of raw materials. It assures consistent quality through accurate computerized control of aggregates and water as per mix designs. It minimizes cement wastage due to bulk handling and there is no dust problem and therefore, pollution-free.


Advantages of ready mix concrete.

  • Reduction in cement consumption by 10-12 % due to better handling and proper mixing.
  • Dust pollution will be reduce and cement will be save.
  • RMC uses bulk quantity.
  • Environment pollution is reduced due to less production of cement
  • Big benefits like speedy work, stability of structure.
  • Eliminating or minimizing human error and reduction in dependency on labour.
  • Increase construction life and save construction cost.
  • Quality assurance due to all process is mechanical handling and uniformity of process.
  • Less labour so less cost of labour cost.
  • Reduce storage cost.
  • Less maintenance cost as well as less operating cost.


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IELTS writing preparation

Yesterday afternoon had Desmond lecture, but I think Desmond is not presented or busy. So Leo D’Arcy took our lecture about IELTS exam preparation. He gave us some words list, and in this list had some formal and informal words. He gave some instruction about IELTS writing task 1st and 2nd. You never use informal words like

Formal Informal
Appeared Seem
Ascend Climb
Cease Stop
Commence Start
Consume Use
Decrease Go down
Depart Go
Finish End
Repair Mend
Opportunity Chance
Resident House
Vision Sight
Enquire To ask

In first task all information given in past decades or past years. So we write all information in simple past. In first task some category like the bar graph, pie chart, line graph and sometimes they give you information in table format. In the above graph, this all information like any country consume how much oil, coal, nature resources etc. on the other hand this all information is in past decades or past years.

He gave another some words never use in writing task like we, me, I, their, people, they etc.

In my country, there are very rich people and very poor people. People in the government are corrupt because they take bribes. We cannot live a good life and feel free all the time. I love my country because it is mine and many people fell the same way. We just wish our government would make more job and people could be more equal in their lives.

I wrote correct format

In Ireland, there are the very rich and very poor. The government is corrupt due to bribery. Living a good life and having freedom is impossible. There is a general sense of pride and belonging. His hoped the government will create more employment and will be greater equality

Construction Project Management Tools You Need

Construction project management

Construction project management is the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to completion. Construction project management is main aimed at meeting a client’s requirement in order to produce a functionally    and financially.

 Construction Project Management Tools You Need.

  • Communication
  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Selection
  • Tasks
  • Documents
  • Change orders
  • Financial
  • Service
  • Communication

There is some mode of communication like e-mail, face to face communication, phone call etc. All data send and receive by e-mail. Weekly construction  report summit to homeowner by e-mail.

  • Scheduling

Schedule all phases of construction projects, meetings, deadlines for selections. Management of subcontractors across all or your projects. See where all of your subs and resources need to be at a glance.

  • Budgeting

Mange project budgets, purchase order, track change order as well as reduce errors and increase profit. Mange issue purchase orders right time and right quantity.

  • Selection

Chose right quantity and quality, good quality worker needed.

  • Tasks

Give task to all contractor and sub-contractor and done work within given time.

  • Documents

The core of any successful CMP, this is provides all necessary documents to start construction.

  • Financial

Finance is important things in construction filed. Provide finance to construction time to time, and avoid unnecessary expenses.

  • Service

After completion of project provide maintains service like plumbing, paint, gardening, tails and floor etc.