I teach the grammar and post new blog. ( 17/7/15)

Last week on Mondy, 13 July 2015 I went to college at 5 to 11 am in Belfe street building. There were my friends reached before me and wait for me. There was all my class met Arpit, Anna, Libin and Neethu. Then we met each other and went in classroom number A1.2. After 2 minutes, my teacher Andrew Browne entered in the class. Andrew Browne, he has really very polite and very helpful person. He taught us new things this day and he gave general knowledge. Then he gave us a number of ideas, how to write the best essay in IELTS exam and in my master program. After a little discussion, he has shown some picture and videos related to crime, on http://www.commonread.com website. We were looked new vocabulary and we saw on the video, people how to do the crime. Then he gave us exercises related to crime vocabulary. I did not know the vocabulary of crime, but after the teacher taught us I knew all vocabulary like burglary, Abduction, Bigamy etc, ( Below I attached my last week exercises ). After one hour, we took a 10 minute break. Then he gave diagnostic test, in this test used past tenses like did not have/ were not having, stoped / stopped, and did not swam / swim etc, (Below I attached diagnostic test photos). Our class was over at 2 pm, we had one-hour lunch break 2 pm to 3 pm. After one hour, we went to the next class at 3 pm in class number A1.3. There were Gavin Kelly in the class, we were joined with Gavin Kelly. He gave a two-hour lecture, in this lecture we did IELTS exam preparation. We did a reading test, listening test and writing test. We had some problem in reading test, because of the vocabulary. Our class was over at 5 pm.
We came again the next day at 10 am in the morning. We all met in the class A1.2 with Marek. He taught us tenses, on Monday he taught only past tense. He gave to us various exercises, really I tell you this all exercises were very helpful for me. I had a little problem in tenses, but he tells me do not worry about that and he gave some tricks to find out tenses. He gave to us homework regarding past tense. He has taught us a very different way and his method is very helpful for me and I like it. In the evening, we had Andrew`s class in Castle house 3.4 computer labs. This class we were posted new blogs. Andrew told us last week you chose any one subject and write the essay. Then I chose one subject, my subject were Greenhouse gas effect. I had completed my free writing and posted on my new blog. Before posted, I had shown to Andrew and he told me you post I will give you respond on Friday.

We went to class on Friday in the morning at 10 am. We had the first lecture with Marek. He again taught us the grammar, but this day he took a present perfect. He has explained all rules and regulation of present perfect tense. He gave some exercises and gave a little idea how to find out present perfect tense. We had the next evening lecture in Castle house, room number 3.4 computer labs. Andrew gave me an edited version of my last blog post. I did correct my all mistake, then I post my new edited version. I did a mistake in the grammar and missed the article.

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