Basic Skills of Project Managers ( 14/07/15 )

Basic Skills of Project Managers


We have discussed project manager basic skill they are sensitive, a perspective that any project like the mechanical industry project, civil construction project etc. The managers make a new technology implementation. Project managers are a very special type of people, they are very active sensitive. Manager gains new experience or new skills from his work or education field. They have very punctual, always deliver the project time to time on a client. Then they prove they are the successful manager.

What does a project manager Do?

The manager does a study of the project and what, how, when wants needs the customer.

They make an approximate schedule format or rough ideas on paper and try to achieve a goal, targets and solving problems.

Manager manages the project technology, people (workers) requirements, some change a plan for achieving the target or goal.

The manager keeps in mind about the project to complete the project on time and schedule.

The manager creates a happily project environment. Like providence new policy after some time for the worker in under project budget. Some time arranges entertainment function.

Manage the client relationship through takes over the project in time for clients.

Responsibilities of the project manager.

Preparation of project proposals and tenders.

Preparation and management of project scope, schedule and do forecasting.

Planning, scheduling, controlling, coordinating,

Make the perfect schedule and follow the schedule.

Coordinating and checking of deliveries.

Budget monitoring and trend tracking.


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