Greenhouse effects on earth temperature ( 5/7/15 )

Greenhouse effects on earth temperature.

Now a day, earth temperature is increased because of human life disturb the earth cycle. Greenhouse means are the effect produced as greenhouse gasses incoming solar radiation to pass through the earth’s atmosphere. The greenhouse effect is warming the air surrounding the earth. That’s why damage the earth’s climate. The effects have been increasing, and several bad effects on earth.
There are many causes of the greenhouse effect. People want new technology for easy human life, they create pollution on the earth’s surface. They are making new industrial sector like mechanical, civil, IT, electronic, etc. For this industrial sector wants the big amount of empty land. They have been no empty land. Then they cut the tree and when they cut the tree and make deforestation. They make the new city in the hill station and cut the tree. If you do deforestation, then create the problem for earth cycle. Rains do not come time to time and missing rainy season period. Human use chemical substance for own use like chloroform carbons acid, sodium carbonate etc, but very harmful to earth’s climate. All acid generates the harmful gasses. People use a car, bike this all vehicle produced harmful carbon dioxide gas. Main reasons of the greenhouse effect increase the amounts of carbon dioxide on the earth’s surface.
If the rates increase the greenhouse effects destroy all earth`s. Its effect very harmful to all animals and plants to survive on earth. Scientist report says, in next some years earth temperature increasing to 4 C to 5 C. Sea level rise and flood level is the increase in coastal areas. Then Very difficult to cultivate food, destroy or severely damage wildlife. People suffering some diseases like a skin diseases, headache, blindness, etc. I want to be given a current example, this year in the summer, our earth temperature is high as compared to some past years, Approximate 5*C temperature is high. That’s the way our sea level is little much increase.
If we decided to down the greenhouse effect its possible. We motivated to people plant to the tree, do not cut the tree. Make new rules for deforestation, if we want to cut the tree, then take a permission of the government. If you cut one tree, then you plant two trees in different places. Make healthy life and comfortable, then keep the clean environment free from of all kinds of pollution. The industrial zone set up the out site of the city. It company built the chimney height is high. To keep control in all industrial pollution. We use a good condition vehicle, we do time to time vehicle servicing. Give attention to they do not make pollution.
In my conclusion greenhouse gas destroys the earth, so we control the earth`s pollution. Make new rules and regulation for environmental. We all do plantation in the empty land. Use of renewable energy like solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy, etc. This all energy do not produce a pollution. Control or minimizes the industrial pollution like air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, etc. If we do all things then grow up the ozone layer.

Greenhouse_Effect GreenhouseEffect Greenhouse-effect screenhunter_203-apr-28-19-50


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