I went to Bray beach ( 20/06/15 )

Today is 27th June 2015, Saturday. I waked up at 8 Am and I walked up to my friend Ajit. Then he also wake up at 8:05 Am. We decided to go any sea sight, but I had another choice and Ajit had another choice. After a long discussion, we were finally chosen Bray beach. Bray beach is far from my house around 22 Km. We were ready within 1 hour, then I did breakfast with my other friends. Finally, we were on the way to trip, this is my first time in Ireland. I came here before around 5 months, but I didn’t go anywhere for the trip. We reached in city center Dublin1, we didn’t know which bus No go to Bray then I asked for one Irish person. He told me you catch bus No 145. We sat in bus No 145 bus started a journey for Bray from a city center. During the journey, we looked a real natural beauty around road site. There were the small bungalows, big playground, park, one big dell company, etc.  After one hour, we reached to the Bray bus stop. we went to one small restaurant, we did lunch. After lunch, we started walking on sea site. My friend is the best photographer, he took photos of sea site and my single or our selfie  photos. There one hill station spot, but we were not capable to reach by walk to the top point. I was very excited to see this hill station, after my request my friend also agreed to go to a rich point. We walked in the jungle there were no concrete road or concrete steps.  their big tree, grass, animal shouted I am  scared. There is no perfect direction to reach to target and no road So we were very tired, our water is finished we had no any water source. After a long time, we reached to the highest point and we took a rest. We saw the natural view, sea water and Bray city in the down site. We took some photos and we talked to another group member. We were walked to return journey of our bus stop. My friend is very hungry, so I bought some fruit and drinking water. Then we started return journey at 5 Pm by bus. After one hour we reached in a city center, then we walked to my home.

IMG_20150627_123711166 IMG_20150627_123730183 IMG_20150627_125841886 IMG_20150627_130419912 IMG_20150627_134728375 IMG_20150627_144228809 IMG_20150627_150636339 IMG_20150627_153852864 IMG_20150627_153902739


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