free writing ( 23/06/15 )

                                        Greenhouse effects on earth temperature

Today I want to write about greenhouse effects on earth temperature. Today human life is very fast or busy as compare to the last few years. So they are wanting to new technology for easy lives.Today our world population is huge, so everyone has tried live easy in this world. If you looked at the city they’re in a small area but population huge. Day by day population is increasing rocket and human created a pollution on earth. There are no of pollution like air pollution, sound pollution, water pollution this is main three factors of pollution. Human disturb the earth cycle, they are cutting a tree and build the new high rise building. Then they disturb the atmosphere. Now day highest  earth temperature is  50 Dec. This temperature is harmful to human life. Sun emitted a sunray this sunray come to earth directly and damage to human skin.  Deforestation is a  very dangerous problem because of in atmosphere generate harmful gases like carbon dioxide, Methane in form of invisible wastes gas is dumped into the by burning fossil fuels, coal, oil and natural gas etc.  Every time we are driving a car use electricity from coal-fired power plants heat our homes with oil or natural gas, we release carbon dioxide. The greenhouse effect of the increased amounts of CO2 will alter the climate and weather.


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