Free-writing : Brainstorming. ( 19/6/15)


Today I am writing about Free- writing and brainstorming. Firstly, I am thinking about essay topics, but difficult to choose one subject for essay. Then I discussed  with my teachers and friends. They are given me suggestion you choose this topic or this topic. Then I have chosen my essay topic,but in my mind why I chose  this topic, is important for me. I am thinking a really this topic is important, interesting, searchable, argumentative etc. then I discus my topic with my friends and teachers, and he has asked mi some question about my essay topic.My friends are asked mi why you choose this topic, then I tell them why I choose this topic and discus all question and some information.

Secondly, When I have started my essay, I have some time for brainstorming, take notes my ideas. In writing time I kept  in my mind this subject is not broad or narrow. This way I make notes of free writing,  and word map etc. Finally I  have started my essay.


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