Update my block 4th may to 30th may.


The month of May I studied English class or Irish culture class with French student. All of the Student came from France, around 25 students are in my class. We got together at 4th May in Castle House building room number 4.2. Class was start every morning with Desmond he taught about Irish culture one hour/ Our next class is English class with again Desmond of two hours, and afternoon class is related to English speaking and small project with Andrew Browne. This time table was foe two weeks. I had reading week in 18th May to 24th May. In May reading week I went to pub with may new French friends. The pub`s name is “the palace“. We were enjoying all night in pub, some friends were drinking alcohol and we were dancing with each other. I had joined the French students in the next week and we were taught togethers for one week. Then we took a small project presentation in Andrew Browne class. All students discussed about own culture like langue, cloths style, different type of food. We all took each other`s mobile number so we can keep in contact with each with.


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